4th Swedish Diabetes Summit

The organzing committee of the Swedish Diabetes Smmit, in agreement with the boards of the SRP Diabetes and EXODIAB, has now decided to relaunch the 2020 meeting – it will be held February 10-11 2022. This year, it will partly coincide with the Annual Diabetes Research day, organized by the Lund University Diabetes Centre.

A main objective of the meeting is to provide Swedish diabetes researchers with an arena for interactions and exposure to world-leading research. We believe this can best be achieved in real life. Now that restrictions due to the pandemic have largely been lifted, we are again enthusiastic about organizing such a meeting. We are confident that we can hold a meeting that is safe and acceptable for all participants, provided that the pandemic does not resurface.

I am thankful for all the understanding that we have received about the postponement. I am grateful for the considerate interactions and communication that we have had with all of you in these turbulent times.

For the organizing committee
Hindrik Mulder

Welcome to the 4th Swedish Diabetes Summit

More information and program to come

Invited speakers: 
Al Powers, Vanderbilt, US
Maike Sander, San Diego, US
Anna Blom, LU, SE
Patrik Rorsman, Gbg/Oxford, UK

Full program

Come one day in advance for the minisymposium:

The symposium is free of charge, registration required