Abstract information

We welcome abstracts to the poster session,

Send your abstract according to below instructions to ulrika.blom-nilsson@med.lu.se.

The abstract dead-line is extended to February 1st and as the meeting will be digital the format will be a three minutes filmed presentation which shall be sent in to Ulrika.
As stated in the e-mail sent out, the films should be sent to Ulrika by Sunday February 6th.

The abstract/summary text should give in a maximum of 300 words, using Times New Roman 12 pt:

  • the aims of the study
  • briefly what type of methods that were used
  • major results and conclusions

Preceding the abstract/summary text should be:

  • the title in bold (max 25 words) at the top
  • a list of all contributing authors directly under the title, where the presenting author should have his/her mane underlined
  • a list of author affiliations (Department and University/Institute) directly under the author list

NOTE: avoid abbreviations and make sure any special characters are saved correctly in your file as we cannot make corrections in your text afterwards.

Write your abstract according to the guidelines above and save as a word file (pdf not accepted!) named as:
your first name_your last name_SDS2022